Academic work and social-educational activity

Academic work and social-educational activity

Academic programs that integrate teaching and research alongside educational and social programs with a universal approach

Innovative multi-disciplinary research

Innovative multi-disciplinary research

A multidisciplinary combination of music and science
Innovation in teaching

Innovation in teaching

academic teaching combining theoretical learning with hands-on experience

Social-educational programs and projects

Social-educational programs and projects

Programs for primary and secondary education students, for youth at-risk, teens with special needs, seniors and more

“Music for Dialogue” Programs for Connecting, Sharing and Engaging in Joint Social Action through Music

Connection, interaction and social action through music

The programs incorporate openness, listening, empathy, giving and meaningful action

Openness – who am I

Opening up to others to express emotions, experiences, weaknesses, worries and struggles

Meaningful listening – who are you

Respectful and true listening to the other, to what is important to him/her, to who he/she really is

Acceptance and empathy

Accepting the others even if their opinions and beliefs are different from mine, seeing things through their eyes

Meaningful giving

Giving from the heart to the other in order to bring him/her joy and cheer, without expecting reciprocity

Joint social action

Developing social and educational ventures through team work, to promote dialogue through music

Sharing our music and personal story

Websites developed for Music for Dialogue courses and programs